Medallion Hunt

2023 Medallion Hunt

First Clue:  Friday, August 11 @ 10am


Back again this year is DEERWOOD Summerfest’s 2023 MEDALLION HUNT!

This adventure will take you through the city limits of Deerwood, will require you to put on your creative thinking cap and solve the mystery of the hidden medallion. Your escapade will start with the first clue being posted on Friday, August 11 at 10 AM on Deerwood Summerfest’s Facebook page and at Deerwood City Hall.

The hidden medallion you will be looking for has been beautifully handcrafted by Whistling Pete’s in Deerwood, and sponsored by the The Sno-Serpents.

The Winner will receive the handcrafted, one-of- a-kind medallion itself, AND $250 in cash!

So get your adventurous self and your friends ready for some great Deerwood Summerfest fun!

Whistling Petes